A moment’s reflection

The Enterprise Group, llc (TEG) was founded in the spring of 2013. Through the years and across a good many miles we have had the privilege and pleasure of working with some really great people in a variety of environments across a number of different cultures around the world.

We’ve worked in both the public and private sectors. We’ve dramatically transformed existing businesses and we’ve helped launch new businesses. We’ve designed, built and supported the application of ‘new tools for new environments’ and we’ve helped redesign and recalibrate existing governance routines. We’ve worked on the leading edge of performance management issues and we’ve helped tune-up and re-focus timeless performance management tools and techniques. We’ve also helped organize and manage some very complex projects and client service programs.

Through it all, what may be most striking are the things we find in common across the cultures and clients we serve. While there are no cookbook answers to the complex issues you face, there are three things that we believe warrant a moment’s reflection.

  • The will and courage to take risks…to embrace new ideas and consider alternative views, to perhaps fail along the way yet push forward to success.
  • The will and desire to give (and accept) responsibility…to selflessly support our colleagues, to trust one another and to honor the commitments we make. 
  • The will and passion to serve customers well…to understand what the customer wants and to pursue those needs in all that we do. 

Catch the theme here? Here’s the question: do you and your team have the will to move your organization forward? In many ways we’ve found it really is that simple. Regardless of the language we speak and the organization we serve, where there’s a will there’s a way.

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